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I hope not to confuse people with the name ExoBrain. It is not related to ExoBrainTM Inc.. They tried to acquire the domain exobrain.org from me but that didn't work out. They have also now trademarked various permutations of the name and registered related domain names. I don't wish to cause trouble with this situation. I registered exobrain.org on Mon, May 10, 1999 and they registered exobrain.com (and others) on 15-Sep-2000. They are now at exobrain.com but registered as and used to be located at:

   1200 Mountain Creek Road, Suite 440
   Chattanooga, TN 37405
It was explained to me that the "e-brain" name or variations on it didn't pass their lawyer tests. I don't understand why. I do understand why ExoBrain works for them... its such a cool name.

A Google search on "exobrain" as of June 27, 2001 brings up 31 entries. 5 are references to something about my site and are in the top 6 entries. They have 3 references which I think are for recruitment. There used to be 1 entry related to a Comdex show (?) where they were and used the ExoBrain name. A serach on "ebrain-solutions" brings up 23 references most of which are text on peoples resumes. I'm just trying to point out that they have no web presence at all at this point.

I could care less what they do with the ExoBrain name but I'd like to use it too. They think this will cause confusion. It may very well do that. I really don't care. This is a project done in spare time with no plans for commercial venture. I'll happily provide links back to exobrain.com (at no charge <g>) to help the dazed and confused. It may very well take this project years, if ever, to come up with anything. If the .com folks make it big, that's great. If they fail, I'll end up upset with myself that I didn't keep the name to myself since it fits what I want to do for the project so well.


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